Kenzo (Cont.) - Decided after the entry sign, Kenzo needed upgraded Restroom Signs

The wall sign went over so well at my Friend Soo’s restaurant Kenzo, I decided that the metal M & W on the restroom from Home Depot was not going to cut it… so fired up “Phasers On Stun” and cranked these out.

I used the Two-Color Acrylic from Inventables… to be honest, its sort of a pain to Laser, I played with a piece of scrap for several hours trying different settings, no matter what I tried there was always a red residue on the white. I ended up spending about an hour on each with an Exacto Knife scraping out all of the melted Red residues. I ended up with 15% power, 300 Speed, 340 LPI and 3 passes to get the cleanest I could get but it still required elbow grease.

In the future I will cut the design on 1/16th Acrylic then just weld it to another bottom sheet of a different color… way cleaner.

In the end, I think I came out great… she is going to LOVE IT!


Sweet! :sunglasses:
(I picked up some of that two-tone stuff…haven’t figured out what to make with it yet.)

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Thanks @Jules! :wink:

I talked to Inventables they said for some reason the Red is a little tougher to work with than the other colors especially Red on White. Let me know if you find settings that work a little better for you.


Came out great!

You might want to do a forum search on cleaning up that two tone stuff. I seem to remember a few months back that somebody had figured out an easy way to do it. I’m thinking it was an alcohol wash or something like that.

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Thanks @cynd11, I did try the Alcohol wash but I think in reading that it was more to remove the protective plastic residue. It did help a bit but in the end, I had to scratch it off. If anyone has any better luck I’d love to hear it.


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They came out amazing, your effort and perseverance really paid off! Those circles are so organic it looks like leather.

That looks awesome! You’re not alone in your 2 color frustrations, and this is a great solution - much faster than engraving, too.