Key fob case



The alarm remote for my car is also an interlock for the push button ignition. The case it came in was made of thin, brittle, plastic so when I eventually dropped it, it broke. In true maker fashion I made a new one. It is bigger, heavier, and boltier but undeniably cooler. I love it.


I love hearing that satisfaction! And boltier as an adjective - I love that


From now on, when something’s not bolty enough, I’m going to explain that it needs to be boltier. And I’m not sure why I didn’t before.


Nice job! (Love the bolty look!):grin:


Price to replace broken key fob: $25

Repairing and upgrading it yourself: Priceless!


Invites thoughts of Nuttier and Screwier.


And maybe Washier.


Love the industrial/techno/bolty look. I’m adding that word to my vocabulary, and this idea to the bin.


Pay close attention to the dimensions of the middle layer. I had to print mine twice because I didn’t notice an odd bit on the bottom edge of the circuit board.


I would not have been kind enough to retain the manufacturer branding. So good on you for loyalty :slight_smile:


Awesomely boltier :tada:


It isn’t a stock system. I retrofitted a proximity push button start in a 1993 Del Sol :slight_smile:


boltination, boltyness…and it goes on. I love new words!


That’s what I thought when she said boltier ( does the back look nuttier).


Multiply that by 10 for some car brands…


That’s about the price for the shell bought off eBay. But when you include the guts I don’t think any of mine are under $350 now.

Same one with a Lexus logo vs the Toyota one costs an extra $175 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was stupid enough to go swimming in the ocean with both my iPhone and key fob in my pocket. The phone was cheaper to replace.


Yes, it also has my company logo on it though it is hard to see. Also, I’m a she. :slight_smile:


In this case (ha ha ha) the most expensive part was the chrome bolts I splurged and spent 20$ on… unless you count the Glowforge itself. :slight_smile:


three cheers for all the boltier, nuttier, screwerier she-nerds ! I am woman - hear me .rar!