Keyboard Keycaps: Killing time waiting on Diablo 4

I have been twiddling my thumbs waiting for Diablo 4 and I got the idea to “snaz” up my keypad controller. I have a neat little light up KeebMonkey Megalodon pad, and I had some clear two piece keycaps. So I made this:

Most keycaps seem to be made out of “laser unfriendly” plastics, so I wanted to try inserts for the clear caps. I tried veneer and paper and while they looked okay, they really didn’t let the light through. Eventually, I settled on mylar, spray painted black on one side.

I got a bit melty with my cuts, but the final product was pretty cool.

Now I get to watch the pretty colors as it cycles through.


That’s excellent. Anything you’d do differently?


Probably experiment a bit more with settings. I rushed a bit and probably could have gotten things clearer and cleaner with some testing.

I might make a second set for No Man’s Sky.


Did you hear us pre-order players get it on June 1st? I’m stoked :grin:


Might need to take some days off. :slight_smile:


I have no clue what Diablo 4 is but I assume it’s a game. In any case, your keyboard is super cool, and potentially translatable to something I might have a clue about!

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This turned out really cool!

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Did you see they made a teir ranked list of current builds best classes ?
S rank: Sorcerer
A Rank: Necromancer and Rouge
B Rank: Barbarian
C Rank: Druid

Druid is horrible as a solo class, not enough aoe and not enough regen, you can make it but it’s like dragging teeth.

I actually enjoyed the druid a lot in the last beta, but I am weird. :slight_smile:

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