That’s a Fake Desk. It’s far too clean to be real! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was uncomfortably naked during that shot - something that only happens once a month or so. :smile:


There is a man at work that has a light-up keyboard – every time he types, it lights up. Talk about surprising me on my first day on the job and he had me sit down at his keyboard to type something. LOL Your keyboard, however, looks like fun and awesome at the same time.


How many people had to re-read this after first seeing “I” instead of “It”? (I seriously had to do a double-take/read) :open_mouth::flushed:


Oops! Sorry. :rofl:


I was stuck puzzling over whether it was the naked or the uncomfortable part that only happened once a month. :wink:


You guys are mean! :smile:


I was like ummm what Jules?!! :sweat_smile: