Got a new keyboard. :slightly_smiling_face:




I love love love this.


Oohhh, pretty!


Functional and beautiful!


Love the design! So pretty! :smiley:


Thanks gang! Just needed something a little higher at the rear to be comfortable.
(Since I got me a laser now, it’s easy to do these days.) :wink:

And the keyboard looks like a disco when I type anything…shame we didn’t have these when I learned…would have been a lot more fun. :smile:


Wow! You never disappoint! I’m sensing that you are a big fan of FLW—many of your designs give me that vibe. Way to upgrade an office! Nice gaming keyboard too. Thinking of getting one for DH—he likes his keys to click.


Yep, big fan of Frank’s. :grinning:

I liked this one cause the keys are round, but there are a lot of gaming boards on Amazon if he would prefer the square kind. Nicely clicky.


Fantastic design.


Nice Work!


What fun!!! It’s a party for your fingers.


It really is! (This goes much faster when I can use two hands to type with…)



Still using a strip of 1 inch aluminum angle under the keyboard top. Sad.

I need to get on the ball. Thanks for the push…


We need to start a keyboard stand thread like the escutcheons. Let’s see yours! :grinning:


That’s one mad keyboard! Your surround is lovely and has given me ideas. My girlfriend needs a laptop stand and a monitor riser, both of which are crying out for embellishment.




Wow! You are all decked out now! Cool keyboard!


Ooooo shiney! Looks great @Jules!!


If only you had a kitten in that video.:smiley:


Nice. It matches your [guess] letter holder [/guess] and pen holder in the background.