Keyed Wall Bracket

If you are willing to do some 45 degree angle cutting… A french cleat is one of the strongest ways of doing this.

Basically you cut the top of your piece against the wall at 45 degrees and the piece that goes over it at 45 too. When pressure is applied down onto the shelf it actually transfers some it sideways into the wall and means it will hold even more weight. I know it is a little tricky cutting 45 degrees on the laser though :). I have used a bunch of french cleats over the years and they are awesome.



I really love the look of this (vs pegboard). Thanks for posting!

These look nice! Great job designing it. Thanks so much for the share. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for my bathroom.

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Thanks for the French Cleat idea!

That is a neat way to attach to a surface that is perpendicular to the object. Thanks for sharing that design!