Keyholder with LED light

Since I had some extra time over the holidays, I thought I’d make something new and created this key holder with an embedded LED module so that you can light it up. Haven’t decided whether to have the inset key of another wood in there and let just the key top light up or if to let the entire key to light up (though in my experiments, getting the entire key to light doesn’t seem to work that well).

Love to hear thoughts on this and ways to improve.


Neat idea. I like the whole key lit up, but it’s not a direct comparision to the ones on the wall, so I’m not really sure. I like how the light is scattered to the wall, does it do that with the whole key lit version too?


Yes in both cases the light scatters on the wall. Same mechanism, I just put a wood key in the front of the one that has the pegs. In a room light, you can barely see the light on the shaft of the key


Is that the battery in the square hole?
In lighting, I have discovered that washing the wall with light like that provides a nice diffused illumination. Very cool creation, thanks for sharing that!

In the evolution of technology, My phone has become the key to my car. Why not? I carry it with me everywhere. I’m old school, so I know the trials of WTF are my keys…?


The batteries are on the circuit board for the LED (and yes, that was the square hole).

My car doesn’t have keys so it’s just the phone too, though I initially thought of this as more of an art piece which is what the first version was (the first picture). Even the one that I’m hanging keys on, the keys are just decorative :slight_smile:


Super cool


Ooh! Great idea! Where did you get the light part? Hmmm…keys obsolete? Not yet, but maybe soon.


The way voice recognition is going you go “SIri, Take me to the airport” and you walk out the door opens for you and the car drives you to the airport and then goes home till you get back to be waiting for you at the airport. With all locks opened and re-locked along the way that you don’t even notice. But the old fashioned keys, like your design will still be used as artistic motifs.


I like the key being fully lit. Nice project.

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Would you feel comfortable sharing what LED you used?

Pulled it out of a keychain light. Trying to source some via Alibaba, so if I can get more I’ll update the post with what I’m using.

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Looks great in a dark room :wink:


This turned out great, love the idea!

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I’ll bet this would be a real hit with Real Estate Agents. All you would need to add is the word SOLD and the agency’s name :). Just a thought.