Kickstarter project drawing robot




Neat innovation!


yeah near as I can tell it’s a polar plotter, like the polargraph and maslow. I was wondering why they were homing it at the bottom, but if it uses stepper motors, I think they’d need to energize them to lock them in place, so it probably just goes 100% slack. This would have the nice side effect of auto-zeroing the unit between runs.

Neat idea, but December is a TOTAL pipe dream.


I’d like to know how “smooth” smooth needs to be and what about out of plumb walls. It doesn’t look like there’s a way to keep in contact with an ever so slightly forward leaning out of plumb situation (or variability in the plumbness of a wall). Under ideal circumstances, the wires & device weight should suffice to maintain surface contact, but it wouldn’t seem even a bit of vertical distortion in the surface could be handled.


I missed the eary bird $199 price. I probably would have done it for that much.

It’s now $349, expensive enough that I may as well wait for it to be released, verify it works, and buy it for MSRP at $100 more if I still want one.


That’s me too. For $200 I’d take a flyer on it thinking I’d use it (but knowing it’s likely interest me for about a week before being shelved :slight_smile:️) but 350 feels like more money than I’ll throw on to a potential dust-catcher.


Looks like a fun gimmick, but they are hoping for impulse buying to kick in.
Going to be a lot of odd looking bookends about 6 months past delivery on this item.
Hard to imagine a practical use for this after you used it once and said ‘cool’.


When I think of the times I had my hide tanned for drawing on the walls with crayon… :sweat_smile:


I can see the use for a drawing machine that can do “in situ” large format drawing for larger pieces. You can throw a piece of paper under it and voila large plotted posters. I’ve been circling the polargraph for ages. (

I with they would come out with an axidraw that can do 20" by 20", and my use case would be solved. This one:

(a clone of the true [overpriced] axidraw: )

is 45x37 CM, I need 50x50. So close but so far.

Anyhoo, cool idea, still think they are bonkers about December, there’s just no way.


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Thanks a bunch! It’s been lovely so far… got a cupcake in hand as we speak! :yum:


Yay @Jules

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Neat! Reminds me of Maslow.


Currently at $461,000 funding on a $50,000 goal with 21 days left. Kicktraq says they’ll end up near 1.4 million. I think it’s a bit early to tell that, but kicktraq has a pretty good record. (

@dan you should offer to consult for them, they are going to need some perspective about how the heck to deliver when their crowd funding went completely out of hand, I’m sure you have lots to lessons to impart.


I’m sure Xanax comes heavily into play. :smile:


It’s a spectrum… Too much and you get the Lily Drone…