Kid Drawn Darth Vader Ornament

Hey All,

So I’ve been working a little fruitlessly on some Laser Thursday project that haven’t quite come to fruition yet. About ten minutes before we started last night I got a text from my wife of a picture our five year old son drew. He’s been just a little excited about Star Wars lately :wink:

When I got the text I immediately knew i wanted to make him an ornament. I brought the picture into photoshop, cleaned it up to isolate the black lines, then added a white background and black outline.

With help from @dan that image was translated into and illustrator file and cut and engraved from the same red and white two tone acrylic I used for the wrestlers (same piece actually). Before removing the backing, I taped off the “lightsaber” section and colored in all of the rest of the engraving black with a sharpie.

As a last step I cut a small hole in the head, added an ornament hook and hung it on the tree for him to discover in the morning.


Yeah for laser Thursday! Woke up at 2:00 AM and noticed we had YouTube video. Thanks.

Where? I can’t find it! Are all the Laser Thursdays videoed?

It’s a tease of seven seconds:

Read through the whole topic and the link will be there. Also, you might want to subscribe to Glowforge’s YouTube channel. It’s sparse but I suspect it will grow.