Kids art


Here’s a charm designed by my 4 year old


:heart_eyes: I bet your 4 year old is beaming with pride…as you are too I suspect.


So cute! I predict that refrigerator art is going to be revolutionized.


Kids art is the BEST! (Spoken like the grandmother, that I am).


That is precious! I still have my kid’s art work on random recipe cards (as they sat on my lap while I wrote them out, and they added their mark). Those are treasures to me.


Makes the kids happy to see their artwork on tokens


But I’m a little confused… How did the hands and pants get filled in? They’re open on the drawing.


Not sure the app did that


Hmmm… Wonder why/how it decided to alter the original.
Might be something Support should take a look at if you feel like posting it in Problems and Support.