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I’ve just shared this to one of my co-workers. Her 9 yo is done with school until April 15 and possibly for the remainder of this school year. This should come in handy!

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I love audible, have used it for years. And my daughter with dyslexia uses it often to assist her with reading textbooks and assigned reading. She reads along as it reads aloud, helps her with cadence and context issues.


At first I thought: great, audible is contributing! But then I saw that they offered a total of 10(!) audio books in German. That made me cringe: one of the largest companies on the globe advertises to contribute in this crises with such a pathetic offer! That feels like nothing compared to what most people I know do to help others in this time for making a difference… I admit the Englisch selection is larger but to the millions of German kids at home this is not really an offer…

I get what you’re saying, but it’s an American company. I don’t even know what percentage of books overall they even HAVE in German.

If a German company offered free audiobooks, I would fully expect them all to be in German.


I’m not defending them, but under-18 isn’t even a tracked category in the world of audiobooks from any source. There has been little demand for childrens content, despite the obvious benefits even without a global crisis. Considering foreign language is also a tiny fraction of Audible’s customer base (despite being a major player outside the US), I don’t think you could expect much more.

If your kids aren’t interested because there’s little choice, that’s fine. I am sure there will be plenty who are, and may get hooked on the idea going forward, instead of playing candy crush all day.

Actually Audible is by far the biggest seller of audio books in Germany with more than 200.000 titles in its selection. So I didn’t feel that this offer was very generous😉

I guess take it up with them, then? I haven’t looked to see how many children’s titles they have available in German, but given the things going on it could easily have just been an oversight on their part. I mean, it’s kind of hard for any of us to really think clearly about everything right now, and they probably had to scramble to get their code updated to make the free sharing available.

If there actually are more German kids’ titles, they might be perfectly willing to share those as well, if it’s brought to their attention.

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You are right of course. I did send a mail to their customer service, so maybe they expand their offer! Audiobooks are,of course, a fantastic way for kids to enjoy books. As we have the favorite collections playing none stop for days in our house I am always happy to find readers and books that are equally enjoyable to parents as well.

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You could record some yourself :slight_smile: That’s actually part of my wife’s job now at school. She’s reading (I’m filming) children’s books for the lower grades (she does the tech for a pre-K to 8 school). The teachers can “invite” her to their virtual classroom and they play the video. Nothing says you couldn’t just do audio for your kids (& maybe share with other parents who do the same so there’s even more variety).

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