Kids Creating.... the Cardboard Castle

So the highlight for me is when users reach a level where they can design their own objects. 8th grader Anya is making my day with this sweet castle she created in Tinkercad. She created 4 projects earlier that taught her how to design with tabs and holes, the started working on her castle.

Anya has cut with the Glowforge and the OMT laser, so she is gaining skills on how to work with the same type of tool from different manufactures. It is fun to hear her compare the strengths of each as well.

Anyhow, here is a shoutout to Anya and her cardboard castle she is creating with laser cut cardboard.


It’s so cool to work with kids and watch them absorb things. Nothing better!

Thank you. It has been cool to see Anya and other students move between the machines without a moments hesitation. The skills are translating and she was seriously cutting on the Glowforge and the OMT at the same time last week.

Bumming that classes changed and now Anya has moved on to Art. It would have been fun to see what she could have done with 18 weeks in my class.

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I can only imagine how much she will miss your class.

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Got a bonus visit today as a matter of fact. =) A cool thing about Tinkercad is she can share her project so if she continues to build, I can still cut stuff for her. I had a kiddo in England share a project with me this week. It’s pretty wild to be able to create together from across the pond.


Yes, she can definitely use what she’s learned so far to create further. The seed is planted.

Yes, that is indeed cool!

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