Kids - Eames Elephant

Hey all…
4th day with the Glowforge & loving the learning curve from concept to iteration.

Eames Elephant
I’m still working on adding in some kerf lines to this build to make the rounding & overall stance a bit sturdier. I threw in a quick screw so it could swivel, but might make a key slot instead based on material. Could also add in some simple holes by the back leg that you could run a string through if it’s to wobbly.

Here are pics of version two of the Elephant.


And here are the cut files…



Thanks for checking it out.


Very Nice! Look forward to your next developments…

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That would be cute for grown-up kids too. (Just sayin’) :grinning:

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Since it was based off a bigger model… I think that can be arranged. :man_dancing::elephant:



Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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Ok, I’m new, but do I need both of these files (PNG and SVG) to make this? That’s what I thought, since one would be the cutting operation and one would engrave. However, I’m just not having success with lining them all up in the UI.

Hey Bruce… I’m pretty new myself, but this is how I did it.
If you’re using a Proofgrade material & it’s stock settings. Just pull in the SVG.

Proofgrade materials come in the following thicknesses (1/8, 1/4, 3/16, 3/64, 3/32, 1/48, 2/100)
Keeping that in mind, some materials score better than others.

  • I used a 1/16" material & had great results.

Once the SVG loads in.
You can highlight each body part separately & drag them around to fit in the cutting area.

  • Since the original file from Illustrator was put into folders properly.

FILE : (54.1 KB)

It just treats it as three sequential operations. (It cuts top to bottom on the list)
Using the Proofgrade material setting choose as follows.

  • CUT on the eyes & connection hole.
  • SCORE on the fold lines
  • CUT on the body outlines


Send it to the machine & you should be good to go.


BIG - UP 'S to @Jules for the walk through of the interface.

:scissors::paperclip: - Interface Tips & Tricks - :hammer_and_wrench::nut_and_bolt:

I couldn’t have answered @bruceaulrich question without your Jedi Master :partly_sunny: level support.


Woohoo! I’ve never made Jedi before! :grinning:


I’m reading this on mobile so can’t confirm, but it looks like the SVG was hit by Discourse’s “security feature” that removes all the styles, which would explain why people are confused: the download will be missing different colors for the different operations.

You can avoid this by saving/exporting with the style setting set to “presentation attributes”. This only works if there are no embedded images; for that you have to give up and zip the thing.


Thanks so much @chris1
Let’s give it a shot with the suggested changes.


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Wow! Thank you for the detailed walk through. And I’ll be reading back through @Jules article.

Yes, my download was missing the different colors for different operations. I thought that typically is in an SVG, so I just assumed I was doing something wrong. ha.

BTW, this seems to be a very recurring thing that I’m seeing recently…Discourse messing up these files. Is there a fix?

Thanks for pointing this out!

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Zip it before uploading.



So, I just tried this out with some really thick cardboard that was 0.510" thick. This is not corrugated cardboard, but what you would see at the back of a notepad or something like that.

I used the Medium Draftboard proofgrade settings as a guideline, and then tweaked them just a bit.

It worked great! My kids are going to love these…cutting another one right now. I’ll post pics a little later.

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It’s actually “working as intended”. The problem is that stylesheets can reference files on your hard drive, and to prevent the possibility of exploiting this, Discourse removes the offending section from the file, which unfortunately also removes all the colors. It will never be fixed, in that sense, so the onus is upon the creator of the file to not use the CSS option. Or zip it. I personally like to upload the raw SVG if I can, because you get the free preview, but it does mean you have to be aware of the gotchas. I think the only reason we’re seeing it more is that there are more (new) people who don’t spend their lives reading every post on the forum and memorizing workarounds. :slight_smile:


Thanks again for sharing this! I made some for my kids this weekend and let them decorate them:

They kept wanting to just spread and not stand up, so I just took a bit of painter’s tape and tethered the legs together on the underside, securing it with a bit of CA glue. Works pretty well!


Your kiddos have artistic talent. :wink:


My son was the one that did the geometric designs on that one. That really surprised me. He’s not really seen a lot of that style until recently…he got to color some of mommy’s adult coloring book, and it has a lot of geometric design in it. I guess he took inspiration from that. I was really impressed!

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