Kids Name Puzzle Finish?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve looked all kinds of places and asked around and I can’t seem to find the answer.
I’m wanting to start making and selling kids name puzzles, I made one for my nephew and it’s great, but I did a clear (acrylic modpodge spray) coat that took many coats to get right. I saw one other maker using beeswax to finish.
I’m wondering how other people finish kids name puzzles? It seems like some people simply and and paint the letters and that’s it, but I really worry about potential splintering if there’s no clear coat.
Any insight? Especially from those of you who already sell these!


I don’t sell things, but from the many puzzles I’ve made, I’ll say good quality plywood like Proofgrade won’t splinter, even without additional finish applied.

Proofgrade already has a finish on it, I’m using unfinished BB from the hardware store, I can’t actually get Proofrade to Canada yet as far as I know.

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Finish is just paint or poly, apply that to decent BB and you should be fine. You could lightly sand the edges but with laser cuts, I can’t imagine that would make much of a difference.

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Items being sold to/for children are subject to stringent laws - both federal and state. I think you should research those laws yourself before embarking on a manufacturing process. Others here can tell you what they do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are operating within the law.


What @dklgood said. I do not sell anything, but if I did, I would never consider selling any product geared/marketed toward children. I’m rather attached to my house/life.