Kids tracing boards!

Just made these new tracing boards had such a great success with them so i added some cursive boards aswell!


Awesome!!! These are on my to make list…with two boys in Kindergarten, these will be perfect.


Nicely done. Cursive is not being taught in as many schools as it was when my children were young.


This turned out great!


There was a TikTok challenge recently of “can you figure out how to write your name without lifting the pen” - cursive might be making a comeback! :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’m terribly at cursive, I’ve pretty much always written in semi-block text. When it was new and shiny I printed something in Comic Sans and my Mom exclaimed “How did you get a font of your handwriting?!”)


I can’t even read American cursive.

Not being disparaging, it’s just so different to what is taught outside the US. When my daughter had anything hand-written in cursive, I had to let her mom translate it for me.

I can barely write these days anyway, so who am I to judge. :rofl:


Writing in cursive has become a ‘lost art’…I would love to see it make a comeback.


@melissacarvalho, that is great! I also like how you did the days of the week and shapes. Good way to help kids learn.

@eflyguy, I usually still write in cursive, or worse yet, shorthand! I’m definitely not as adept at shorthand as I used to be, when I used it for my job all the time and could take down almost 140 wpm. But I still do use it a lot.

When I was taking college classes, I’d take all my notes in shorthand and print them out. Because I could do it so quickly, I’d get almost everything the teacher said, including any drawings, and did very well on my tests as I had so much to study from. I ended up selling my notes to several students at $1/page. Made some good money!


These are great!

I’ve been doing virtual learning with my grandson the last two years. His handwriting developed to being extremely neat and uniform. He recently asked me to teach him cursive. So, we’ve started.

It is great to provide any tools we can for children.


I STILL love that olive wood board


This is so cool thanks for showing it.

Keep creating

Cursive boards have been a great seller. Not taught anymore in schools but parents are still teaching this art which is great.


Found the file on etsy and just engraved on acrylic

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Good idea! Might have to make something like this to practice my fancy hand lettering. Back when I did stage props, I always had to make the historical looking items with handwriting because I was the only one who still wrote in cursive.


I know a few adults who could benefit from this.

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They look awesome. Did you downloads the designs or create yourself? Can you share?

While they may share where the design came from, asking for files isn’t allowed. If someone freely offers it on their own, that’s perfect. And it’ll probably be in the #free-laser-designs area.

Or they may have a link to a store or site the design came from.