Killing time makin' files!


So around 3 am this morning hubby came stumbling out from the bedroom asking what the heck I was doing and if I planned on coming to bed any time soon. :dizzy_face: Apparently I lost track of time creating a few files in preparation of :glowforge: Charlie’s arrival :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just a couple minute Hon’… :kissing_heart:

4 am
Just a couple minute Hon’… :kissing_heart:

5 am
Want to watch the sun rise Hon’ :sleeping:


It happens.

A lot :smile:


I get lost in old engravings too. Here’s my favorite site from way back.

I’m even worse when it comes to botany prints. Mainly because they’re a little harder to find…And they’re so pretteh!


Oh man, that’s awesome, thanks! I love the old stuff, especially the flora and fauna prints. So much so that my hare tattoo pays homage to it. Now I gotta go tell hubby I’m not coming to bed again :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome! If you run across any botany prints, you know where to find me.