Kind of disappointed I won't be able to use this



I was going to incorporate it into ruler giveaways, dag-nabbit!


That’s really nice?
Why can’t you use it?


Heh… Most significantly because I’m not on the Pre-release track with Glowforge :smiley: … but really it’s more because I’m not going this year. Maybe I’ll make some for the Calgary Makerfaire at the end of October.


Nice! Is that two layers, or just 1? And is it CNC’d? I see no scorch marks…


Just a Fusion render because I was trying to decide on how to best use the negative-space of the logo (engrave? protrude? which parts?) and plus I was monkeying around with fill paths


I think it’s computer generated.


Oh wow, lol, silly me! Looked pretty darn real…


Yeah it’s really well done. I’ve yet to see the computer program that does the transition from face grain to end grain right. Also a few of the small details have the grain running the wrong way.

It’s also the first thing I check for in a “real all solid wood” piece of furniture some one trys to sell me or show me. Always check for the end grain!