Kindle Cases

Perfected the design for Kindle/ereader cases. These are sized for Kindle Paperwhite/touch/basic cases or any similar sizes. I can adjust to suit the device. I have tried both engraving and printing on the outside. The inside gets any stain choice.


This is awesome! How did you get the image on the front? Also how durable is the hinge? Does it hold up to consistent use over a period of time?

Again, great work!

The last 2 images are of one that I made months ago and have been sitting under piles of other projects and opened and closed many times for testing. The hinge stands up to pressing it and weight. Like with any product, you can break it, but I have used it like any other kindle covers I have owned or made and it doesn’t break. I stain and add the coating before I put it in the glowforge.

For the print it is sublimation printing. I use MinWax Polycrylic finish Clear Matte, but any would work. I use at least 3 coats, but sometimes 4 coats depending on the piece of wood.


Beautiful cases.

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Awesome cases. I still have my first Kindle from 2007.

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This is beautiful! You should sell these!


Love the cover design especially.


Thanks!! I have these in my Etsy shop. The printed one is for an order that I shipped this week.

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Those are stunning!

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Very nice!

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Very nice! How thick is it when closed?

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You should add your shop address to your profile so people can find it easier. I looked but couldn’t find it using your name or any variation (words together or separated).

Without the Kindle in it, it is just under 0.5". With this particular Kindle, it is about 0.87". It is lightweight as well.

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It has been added. The name is MandysMedium.

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