Kindness rocks



Something to make and hide while waiting for :glowforge: to arrive?


I almost always have a sharpie in my pocket.
Sometimes when I am at the (very rocky) beach near my house I write “put me down” on random rocks and leave them.
I guess kindness is a better option, I will have to look into that. :slight_smile:


Laser etch them.

(Well soon, anyway.)


Actually, a good laugh from “put me down” is a kindness. Probably brightens people’s days all the time. :smile:


I love this so much… as a kid I used to write “flip me over” and “hey flip me back” on the other side… now a grownup, still weird. haha!


I’ve been engraving leaves and bark for a scavenger hunt, just to get the kids outdoors, but I’ve been thinking about extending it to the local park, especially when acorns arrive.


Ahh! that’s fantastic… imagine finding an engraved acorn…


“Open other end”



:rofl::chipmunk::chestnut: (close enough)