Kinetic crystal garden


check out the video link below




thanks :slight_smile:


Holy crap! Outstanding! The design, the movement, and even the work put into assembly! Nice work.


thanks so much :slight_smile:


That’s phenomenally awesome, amazing, < insert other superlatives here >!


Reminds me of U-ram Choe (that’s a good thing)!


That’s nuts! Must have been quite a design and build process.


Wow! That’s all kinds of unbelieveable! :grinning:


Thank you :slight_smile:


I really like his work. thank you :slight_smile:


I have no words, my jaw has dropped to the floor and I can’t pick it up!!!


You…made that on a … glowforge?!

“WOW” does not cut it.

That is amazing! And far more ambitious than the most complicated project I have in mind.

Holy crap, man, it takes a lot to wow me, but you did it!


This one will be hard to beat. Congrats. This is a work of art.
And here am I cutting 2D flowers to decorate my garden.


Truly impressive. Awesome work!


Try a heat gun on the plastic over a wooden or metal form.

And thank you so much


Your portfolio is impressive! Kinetic sculptures with gears is on my list. You’ve knocked it out of the park.


I have no words!


This is stunning! can’t even begin to imagine how you go from the idea to the logistics of creating the final thing.


I can’t even quite comprehend what I’m looking at here! Wow!