Kiss Cut on the Glowforge


I needed labels for boxed gift sets of honey, at the time I couldn’t use my printer or Silhouette. So, use the tools you have right?

Avery Clear Shipping Labels - Proof you can kiss cut with the Glowforge.

Engrave settings - 1000/10/340
Kiss Cut (Score) settings - 400/1

Edit - I forgot, yes, the box was made with the Glowforge.


Oh, that’s really nice. Very cool.


Nice job! (I need to do some permanent labeling too.) :grinning:


That is a cool way of labeling products!


Cool! I’m assuming these labels are made of polyester, not PVC, right?


directly from the website - “Our clear label products are made with polyester film face stocks.”




Geez, I spent like a whole day tweaking settings on my Cameo to do that with peel-and-stick laser labels. I’m staring in disbelief/awe.




That’s amazing!!! Wow!


I’ve always wondered about honey “flavors”…how do you tell the bees which kind of flowers they’re allowed to use?


Proximity and timing, you put the hives on an orange plantation when they’re in bloom, and they get their nectar from orange trees primarily.



Just as @evansd2 said, the beekeepers put the hives in fields that need pollinating, Some honey, like my favorite Meadowfoam, is a seasonal thing.


I took your recommendation from back when you first posted this and got some meadowfoam, you’re right, it does taste a bit like marshmallows. Really great.