Kiss Cut on the Glowforge


I needed labels for boxed gift sets of honey, at the time I couldn’t use my printer or Silhouette. So, use the tools you have right?

Avery Clear Shipping Labels - Proof you can kiss cut with the Glowforge.

Engrave settings - 1000/10/340
Kiss Cut (Score) settings - 400/1


Oh, that’s really nice. Very cool.


Nice job! (I need to do some permanent labeling too.) :grinning:


That is a cool way of labeling products!


Cool! I’m assuming these labels are made of polyester, not PVC, right?


directly from the website - “Our clear label products are made with polyester film face stocks.”




Geez, I spent like a whole day tweaking settings on my Cameo to do that with peel-and-stick laser labels. I’m staring in disbelief/awe.




That’s amazing!!! Wow!