Kitchen Garden Signs!


Hi there!
I’ve made few Kitchen Garden Signs so we know what’s growing where!
I hope you guys like it! :slight_smile:
It was made on the Proofgrade Maple Wood 3mm.



Oh that’s nice!




Oh, cool take on Word Art! :grinning::+1:


I would seal those up with some Polyurethane paint.


Oh, very cool! And if you made them out of acrylic you wouldn’t even need to seal them.


Those came out great! My OCD liked the arrangement of name size/length as well :grin:


Almost too pretty to use!


Really nice signs!


I love these a lot! Need something similar which would withstand the weather here mine heh!


know what you mean :smile:


They’d look great (and be weatherproof) cut from the colored acrylics. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good one, had that idea just a second before I saw your answer.
Might have to brave the step to smellier materials (so far I lasered only wood, and I love that smell).


It’s not that bad if you have the venting tight. (Oh, make sure you start out with cast acrylic - the extruded acrylic will knock you down.)


My take on the garden tags


Very pretty in the two colors too! :grinning:


Ah, that’s the difference. I noticed the 2-color I was using is a lot smellier than the single color I just did. Didn’t realize that was the key difference. Thx:star:


Also made some! Will gift them to my father. They are cut from 3.2mm hardwood plywood at 175/full/1