KitchenAid Mixer PTO Boss: Veneer Inlay and FDM printed plug

I have two Profession 600 mixers that I use all the time. The hinged PTO cap came off a few years ago and I have never gotten around to putting it back on. then it dawned on me that I could make a boss to put over this when I don’t have an attachment connected. Part of this was thinking about what it would take to make a candy/confectioner panner. To make that happen I would need to make a bearing housing too.

Designed the plug in Onshape. Had to do quite a few iterations to get everything to fit tight.

I hadn’t done a veneer inlay in a while so it took me a bit to tweak the kerf allowance. Then the font I used had some really funky artifacts upon turning it into paths. I notice that sometimes that some fonts have twisted nodes or leave small unclosed paths here and there. Very small and you can’t see them. But when brought into the Glowforge there is an error.

This is maple and walnut veneer. Kind of grubby. I used the last of some spray finish I had and it come out splotchy.

Figured I would share the designs. Not that there are many MJMs out there who could use it, but more to give folks a design to play with. I learn a lot from checkout out the designs folks post and see how they come up with stuff. Also, I didn’t orient the veneer correcttly and it is a bit skewed.

So this could be a thing. Custom mixer upgrades.


Here is the STL:

kitchenaid (201.2 KB)

Here is the ugly maw without the escutcheon.


Much improved! :grinning:


You really do a great job on escutcheons—I never think of that. Nice OnShape designing job, too.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Next try a minion eye…


Thanks… you never know when you might need a new plug! I have the same mixer in the same color.


Looks great!


Clever idea. You are the mixer boss.


What a great share, I still have my PTO Boss
but am tempted :slight_smile:


That is clever!!!

I need to get the right color filament but that is totally doable.