Kitty Whack-a-Finger

(Hello! First post, and I’m a little embarrassed that my first post is a dead-simple design I pushed out in a few minutes, compared to some of the more elaborate stuff I’ve designed and haven’t gotten around to documenting or posting here. But so be it!)

This “Kitty Whack-a-Finger” is based on a funny cat video that was floating around the internet a few months ago. It’s a little cardboard box, big enough for your hand, with a grid of finger holes. You get to initiate a little game of whack-a-mole and your cat gets to bop fingers as they pop out of the holes. Beyond that, there’s not much to it. Cut it from scrap cardboard, fold on the score lines, and use a bit of packing tape to secure the frame. Blue=cut, orange=score, and gray=engrave.

Build one, go forth, and film silly cat videos!



Cute idea! (My cat would shred me!) :smile:


Looks dangerous!


Fun idea, but with my kitty it would soon be bloodstained!


This is awesome. :slight_smile:

Very cute! Thank you for sharing.

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Cute idea! Thanks for the design, we have a few cats so I might try it. We should probably have a nail trimming spa session first though.

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mine too :rofl:

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Cute! Nice kitty. Mine would keep each finger it could catch.


Haha! I was thinking the exact same thing. Kitty bye bye Fingers

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I REALLY like it. Simple but lots of fun. Thanks for sharing. :grin:

The cat didn’t stand a chance against the nimble finger! Thanks for sharing.

Hmm. How many games until you can no longer push the glowing white button on your Glowforge?

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