Kleenex Hand Towel Box Holder

We love the Kleenex disposable hand towels, but in our new home, we actually don’t have (or need) the extra towel bar that the boxes are designed to rest on.

So one of the projects I have been wanting to get to is to design a “holder” for them that can be
painted or otherwise decorated to match the decor, but that would not require drilliing into the wall, etc. to mount them, and of course, it would need to be easy to change the box when empty.

While I haven’t painted (or mounted) it (soon to be THEM), here are some pics, and the design files.

Instructions: Most of this is handled with tabs, so I recommend assembly of the “core” using a rubber mallet. Because I couldn’t figure out how to do the tabs on the angled part of the box, I just resorted to clear Gorilla Glue. Note that you also need to be sure to get the opening for the towels (bottom of the box) facing the right direction (hint: the thinner edge is closest to the side AWAY from the wall.

For the top, use Gorilla Glue to create a T-shaped top that has exactly the width of one piece of draftboard (~3 mm) on each side - and hint: use a piece of draftboard to measure it out!

For mounting to the wall, I cut holes and slots into the back piece (of course, I didn’t think to add this until the prototype was already assembled… so it was done with a drill, but the file contains the update. NOTE: these were designed to use two of the metal 3M Command hooks that are used for picture hanging (see pic below).

I also includeded an extra piece to use as a template for hanging the 3M hooks. If anyone has an easy way to get the tabs into the angled piece, please let me know. The box generator I was using just left it smooth, so I just glued it (and then sanded away any extra glue).

The type of 3M Command hanger I used and designed for is this one:

Kleenex Box - Combined.zip (10.2 KB)

One other note: I took advantage of the extra space and duplicated the side pieces. The SVG has four side pieces, but you only need two if you are making only one box.

I hope everyone enjoys this and finds it useful.


Looks very nice! Thanks for sharing the files. :grinning:


It does look useful! Thanks for all your hard work!


Nice work! Thank you for sharing your file.

Thank you for this