Klimt engraving

Not much to say here but I’m pleased with how it turned out.


Is that second one on wood also?

It looketh very goodly! :grinning:

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So interesting to see how it handles the rough strokes and shadows!

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Two pics of the same piece on birch ply. Lighting angle makes a huge difference.

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Very cool. The second one has nearly a concrete or plaster appearance. With the advent of these small LED strips, one could build a shadow box and control the lighting (think of a way to diffuse it properly) directly to the print. This is part “photograph” and part sculpture - the lighting would accentuate the sculpture part.


That’s a cool idea. I recommend IKEA Ribba frames, they make excellent inexpensive shadow boxes, about 3cm deep.

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That looks really great!

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that is a good design for a laser engrave. Nice eye.

Thanks, I chose it for its relatively low level of detail (only planned to engrave at 6”. Gotta be careful not to pick something too busy), with a clearly defined subject that has good contrast from its background.

So much of Klimt’s work is very busy, I thought the subject would get lost on most of them.

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