Knitting Needle gauge

That worked out better than expected. Idea borrowed from @childrenoftherice, thank you.

Birch Hollow FibersThat is my Wife’s yarn shop for anyone who hasn’t enough yarn already. If this isn’t allowed or frowned upon let me know, I’ll take it down.


That is a knitting needle gauge like no other!

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I never knew one needed a knitting needle gauge. Very nice!

Yeah, I never knew either. Until the wife saw @childrenoftherice’s and was all, “Make me one!”

Well now there are two, the mother in law wanted one as well.

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That’s awesome - last night I was looking at my current set of plastic and metal gauges and thinking that it’d be super cool to do with some :proofgrade: I just need to make one that goes down to 0000 so I can keep my needles out of labeled plastic bags! :joy:

conversion chart. I used this and just created circles for the hole diameters to whatever mm it stated for each in inkscape. So a 0 gauge, would be 2.0mm, no idea if that is right, but that seems to be the consensus. Best of luck.

It was an interesting learning process and my 1st 2 sided engrave on the :glowforge:


Looks awesome!!

Did you kerf adjust the holes? On my machine I have a .007" kerf. So I’d have to adjust the 2mm downward to account for a shift of .089mm enlarged hole if I spec’ed the hole at 2mm.

actually no… Darnit.

They are too small by about 0.2mm

Did you use Inkscape? If so your measurements in the software include line thickness but the GF is cutting in the center of the line so your output is 1/2 line thickness + kerf mis-sized.

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Like the leaf! Cool idea! :grinning: