KNOKOO 150W Mini Style FES150 Fume Extractor for the Glowforge?

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I recently bought this fume extractor from Aliexpress: in order to avoid paying for the Glowforge air filter that would cost me more than double plus shipping it to Canada from the US was really expensive.

The first time I used it I thought it worked. I used it at the highest setting with wood and acrylic 1/8 inch and there was no fume in the room but today I tried using it again and although we still have no fumes in the room, the wood smell was much more visible and the Glowforge stopped a couple times on a 8 minute run (cut only) to cool down. I have turned the fan setting from the Glowforge itself off and I wanted to check what everyone else thinks. Is this model too small for the GF?
Do you have any suggestions as to air filters/fume extractors that could work with the glowforge and they are cheaper than the ones GF is offering?

If there is smoke building up in the top of the Glowforge while a job is running, you might have a clogged filter cartridge and would just need to replace that.

Don’t know anything at all about that brand, so I can’t say if that is how long they are supposed to last or not. (If you are cutting MDF or particle board, it’s going to clog any filter quickly, so maybe avoid those.)


Should be good for a couple of hours of cutting. If you avoid any MDF/Draftboard/Medium PG Plywood, perhaps a little longer.

They are designed to remove harmful fumes while soldering, not heavy particulates from smoke.

my guess is one issue you might have is that machine only moves 278 CFM. while that’s slightly more than the internal GF fan, you might need more than that to move air through a filter that’s been used at all. and that may be what’s happening now. the filter has begun to accumulate particles and it will take more than the 278CFM that filter fan generates to move at least 200CFM from the GF itself.

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What exactly do you mean by this? Is the smoke being evacuated?

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