Korean lacquer box

Hey folks,
We were talking yesterday in the forums about the Indian block stamps:
block stamp post

This showed up in my Facebook feed:

The relation I’m trying to draw between the too, is old world techniques making incedible works. And I’m hung up with not have a 5k laser, the video linked shows a guy with a coping saw, a hot iron, and some charcoal.

Pretty much as the video says, it’s an old Korean technique. If I had to spend 12 months on a single box, I’d have to charge 50k at least :stuck_out_tongue: absolute stunning technique. With all the a viability of modern materials for sanding, all they needed was charcoal.

Also because I come from an industrial woodworking background, I did not know you could brush on and work with lacquer in the ways they did here.

I’m guessing shell will not cut on the GF?


The Glowforge folks have cut Paua (abalone shell) and inlayed it in wood coasters. I am waiting to try Mother of Pearl for acoustic instuments.


Um, it’s the same thing, just in a different language :wink:
Well, I guess it’s more of like a part of it…

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Yeah, just don’t know if the standard white iridescent MOP is a different type of shell, strength wise. It’s definitely a different color and pattern. Probably a different type of abolone shell. The only time I have tried to laser it, the material shattered.


God point. MOP is kind of a open term for all mollusks. I sit back and slap myself… "Spike, Shut up!

you know as much as I do on the subject.

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I am humbled by the craftsmanship. Lately as I have been thinking about the Glowforge, I have been thinking that I will need to focus a bit more. I know that there will be lots of work to get the precision that seems to come easy with the master craftspeople. I am grateful that all the masters who particpate in this forum are so positive and helpful. Tempering my enthusiasm and arrogance to achieve the better mindset for approaching art. @bbrackin2 has many examples of Chinese gift boxes. This is a great topic to explore.

@marmak3261 does @bbrackin2 have a website or something?

Or better yet, good evening @bbrackin2 , it’s been mentioned you do boxes, any examples please?

This isn’t a lacquer box but still an ornate gift box. It’s paper. The whole idea of custom boxes for a gift has great potential.


Ugh, I love boxes, and that’s a stunning one, @marmak3261.

I have traveled extensively in China and collected or was given unique gifts. The boxes that the gifts came in were as beautiful as the gifts. As you can see from the one posted by @marmak3261. I have thrown away dozens of them. Most were lacquered paper and had unique ways of opening and closing. Sometimes you had to figure out how to open them. The nicer gifts come in wooden boxes using the same unique designs. As you know, having to wait for the Glow has put our minds in creative overload. The boxes are high on my list of projects. If you want to see some good examples, just search paper lacquered box or Chinese lacquered box and go to images. If you go to any Asian grocery store ask for Moon Cakes (food item). This is a traditional cakes that is eaten in the fall during Autumn Festival. Some of the boxes are beautiful, inexpensive and the cakes are good.
Another item in my arsenal is a puppet. It has movable arms and legs, is colorful and made of thin acrylic. It would be easy to design and make with our printer.


Still another idea that I plan to make a project is folding plaques. Here is an example:


@bbrackin2 quite stunning. Thank you for your detailed post. I’m excited to see what you make with the GF! That puppet looks really interesting. Yet another thing to research.

You have any more success with MOP? A friend of mine asked if it was possible to cut on a laser (1/32" sheet). He has a pool table he’s restoring and would like to cut the diamonds out with the laser. I’ve seen people cut it (thru google search) but with you saying it shattered on you makes me a little concerned.

Not yet. Cut some recently with a jeweler’s saw but don’t have a laser yet. It’s high on my list.

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