KS and/or Kansas City KS/MO local Laser FB Group

There is a Kansas Laser Engravers group on Facebook: Kansas Laser Engravers | Facebook


Exciting news! Smokey Hill Laser Supplies just posted on their Facebook page that they are looking for a place (their map shows Kansas City MO on I-70; I’m sure the KS side is ok too) to bring their laser supplies to this year. This is their first year on the road.

They said they need a parking lot big enough for 3 semi trucks to park. This is my favorite store for wood, pattern ply acrylic (with different cores), pattern ply laser safe real leather, and flexible patternply! …We drove all the way out to NC last May to go to their Smokefest celebration and bring home their products.

*****Any idea how we can find a place for them to park and we can have some beautiful wood, patternply acrylic, and more brought practically to our doorsteps? *****

I have no idea where to start to find out. Thought since I have met a few people here over the years (we got our first Glowforge December 2017; early adopters) that maybe some of the “locals” to the area might have some ideas where they could part 3 semi trucks? I really like their “patterned ply” prints on genuine leather…this is thin leather that can have hundreds or thousands of different patterns. I have used it on hair clasps, earrings, and a book valet so far. All of their products can be cut with a Glowforge. (Aura I think has a few differences but haven’t looked into it)


This is great. I don’t know where they could park but I live at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and would be interested in coming if they find a place!!


Reach out to seasonal businesses. Places where you see things like trees pop up in December. Amusement parks, arenas, and the like.


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