KS or MO Residents - Interested in keeping in contact/meeting?

Just wondering if any to be owners living in KS or MO would like to join a facebook page, Slack (preferred) or another type of forum (suggestion?) for local owners? Thought we could set it up and then when we receive our machines, maybe arrange meetups or share ideas and such.

On the shared Shipping Board it shows the following (and may be many more):

If not facebook, how would you think would be the easiest for us to share? Would be nice if someone is having an issue and someone is not far away…maybe we could help each other. Ideas? Interest? (A few people are not being recognized here that are on that list)


A Facebook group works for me.

I live in MO but I’m not a member of Facebook.

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I’m okay with a Facebook page

The personal messaging function of the forum here works very well for organizing things and planning, but I understand some folks may need some type of dedicated service for what they want.

I would have done Maker Faire KC but I had a wedding anniversary to attend that day. Would be cool to do a meetup.

Haven’t done slack. Facebook is ok. Google Hangouts I’m most familiar with.

I’d be good with Facebook. I don’t use slack much or Google Hangouts.

Have you started a Facebook page yet? I would be interested.