Kyber Crystal Rack? Anyone?

Before I head back down the rabbit hole and get myself into trouble, I was wondering if any of you out there have seen racks too hold cyber crystal collections? No need to reinvent the wheel for my grandsons, but I will if I need to. Thanks!

I mean I remember people posting some projects about this over the years, but I bet you saw these:

This one was probably the one I was thinking of, maybe some inspiration:

Thanks. I’d seen that but was thinking more of a way to display their collection (well, the one I’m going to give them) in the tubes. Found something on Thingiverse that I’ll try 3D Printing first… If not, then it’s off to Illustrator!

In case anyone was curious, here’s what I ended up with (for now - thinking there’s a better way) also not sure if I want to go vertical or horizontal…


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