Labeling batches of plywood

Every time I get Baltic birch it is slightly different. Thicknesses vary a bit, etc. I wanted to be able to differentiate so I started using colored sharpies to color code them.

I gotta finish off that red stuff but it’s a terrible batch and cuts unevenly. The purple stuff is great though.

Anyway it’s nice to be able to tell the thickness and batch at a glance.


I envy your supply stack and applaud your quick ID method.


Rugby architectural building supplies. I get baltic for about $1.20 a GF-size piece (it’s like 15$ for a 5x5’ sheet) The 1/8 MDF is even cheaper, like 7 or 8$ for a 4x8’ piece.

As for materials, that’s just ply, you should see my hardwood stash :slight_smile:
It’s a sickness, man. I gotta stop buying hardwoods.


I’m so stealing this idea. Simple and effective.


Nice solution to your problem

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