Labels on cardboard

Not sure if this is a silly question. When cutting cardboard, should I remove shipping labels? I assume on tape the answer is yes as it is plastic I believe but not sure about shipping labels. They are a shiny like paper but I don’t really know what is in them. I just don’t want anything to harm my machine. Thx

Most labels are paper but “if in doubt”. Oh, and most packing tape is polyethylene based and cuts fine. I actually add packing tape to foam board before cutting when making RC airplanes.


I do because I find that they are an extra layer and the cardboard settings are light enough that sometimes they won’t cut through (especially if the label is on the back side).


Thank you both!

That’s a good point. I just have a stack of cardboard I’ve not done anything with yet. but I can see a random label making things go south. I will make sure to avoid them. :slight_smile: