Lace Acrylic Slump Bowl


This is just a share. :slight_smile:

I designed a 3D Printer file a while back for creating a lacy bowl quickly, and someone with a laser just posted a make of it out of acrylic, so I already know it works.(Yaaaay!) :smiley:

It’s a “slump” bowl. (Sounds terrible, but turns out kind of cool.) It’s cut flat, and heated over a Pyrex bowl covered with aluminum foil, to shape the plastic. (We used to do similar things with old records.)

Anyway, I thought the technique was fun, and that some other folks might want to play with it, so here’s a remade version of the file. (The original was on the small side - smaller printer bed.)

I wouldn’t try to use really thick acrylic on this - probably 1/8 inch or under. I’m pretty sure they used a heat gun on the acrylic. (I used to just pop the PLA flats into a warm oven for about 30 seconds and down they went.)

Laser Version in Acrylic:

PLA Examples:

They come out differently every time you shape them, and depending on the size bowl you use underneath, they can be broad or floppy.


Lace Acrylic Bowl (44.8 KB)

Any testing or input yet on bending acrylic?

So cool!!! Love the patterns.


I love this!!! What a nice fruit bowl it would make–perfect Christmas present! Thanks so much for posting the file.


That’s pretty cool!


So, safety of lasering actual vinyl LP’s anyone?


Sadly, not safe at all. :frowning:


Don’t laser vinyl, or anything with vinyl in it (PVC).

Can still find a way to make what you want, tho. Just takes some doin’:


Ooh, adding slump makes for all sorts of possibilities. How hot do you have to get the acrylic (i.e. what materials can you use for the “mold”)?


No idea, cause I haven’t actually tried it yet.

I suspect that a heat gun will be necessary for the acrylic, and you wouldn’t want to slump them over anything but heavy Pyrex. (Or a tin can or something like that.)

The PLA slumped easily in a toaster oven, but I wouldn’t recommend doing acrylic in your oven.

Might make your toast taste funny. :yum:


Used this at my old job for heating stickers for easier removal and now I own one for home usage.


Looks like another tool acquisition is in store for me. Garage sales are perfect for these sorts of smaller tools.


These are so handy and cheap. Worbla is also laser-able and a heat gun helps immensely in working with it.


Yep, so many things you can do with heat guns. Also soldering.


I have some worbla like material (no name brand) but haven’t tried laser cutting it yet. That needs to happen soon…lol
and I already have a heat gun :slight_smile:


I’ll be interested to hear how it goes! Especially if it happens to be cheaper. :wink:


i generally stay away from harbor freight for anything that plugs in, rotate, or needs to last for more than a month, but I gotta say that I picked up their $10 heat gun about three years ago and it still functions great. Certainly beats using a Bic for heatshrink.


Harbor freight is like WalMart. Good for certain things but not always quality. Although I will say I love the walmart brand salsa more than others…lol


That’s good to know. I almost bought that heat gun a couple months ago but questioned the quality.


I got it from my son in law that does DAG…he makes lightweight armor and stuff.


Well it ain’t no Steinel, but for the price I’m happy. Of course, I may have lucked out… they tend to iterate with small changes (and possibly alternate factories). I have the one branded “Drill Master” and marked as “Item #92869”.