Lace bowl heat formed in oven on metal bowl

I printed it flat with proofgrade flat acrylic. Then heated it in the oven at 325 until it was soft over a metal bowl


That’s pretty dang cool! :sunglasses:


Like your idea to soften it over a metal bowl in the oven.


Bending acrylic designs is definitely on the todo list.

Nice work!


Your bowl is impressive. When the acrylic cools, does it try to flatten out? :grin:


You just have to let it cool over the form and it stays rigid. Actually, it is a bit stronger after the heat forming because it relieves stresses that might develop in original casting.

Nice work on the bowl, @davidaspitzer. I have some colored acrylic and it would work great. These types of acrylic bowls really could come in handy. I have thought about making small ones that can be personalized for a dessert course at a dinner.

Here is my foray into it. I used 300 degrees.

By the way, my bowls are two years old and get regular use with fruit and bread. They haven’t cracked or broken.


Oh, awesome!!


I did mine (posted a couple of years ago with the PRU - one of my “Dispatches” I think) over a ceramic bowl in the gas grill. Acrylic fumes can be flammable so I’m hesitant to do slumping in my house oven.


Very cool … Wish I had an extra oven.

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In before someone brings up making vinyl records into ash trays.


You can use a gas grill.

Also, you can take doilies, scan them, do a trace in Inkscape and cut it. Then slump it and you’ve got an acrylic bowl versions.


How many internet forums would you find this statement in? lol :smiley::thinking:


I did a lot of slumping of glass that needed much higher temps. those greenware stores have a nice array of designs that a bit of sanding and low fire to 850-F or so makes them stable. Or get them hot and while still hot bend them in a cool form.

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Forming the acrylic using heat is pretty darn cool.

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i used to ovgloves to hand form wrinkles out of the hot bowl when i took it out of the oven - basically the bowl wanted to be wavy on top and i just held down the sides with oven mitts until it cooled just enough to stay in place

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Great idea. I hadn’t thought of combining melting and flowing yet :slight_smile:

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I use two bowls. Form it over the first bowl and place the second bowl over the first. That keeps everything smooth so you don’t get fabric marks embedded in the plastic.

That does require your bowls nest in each other. I bought a set of 3 ceramic bowls that I use just for this.


i thought about doing that but i did not have a suitable nesting set of bowls - great suggestion though

I got them at the local job lot type store. Cheap :grinning:

Lovely! Now adding lace type slumped acrylic bowls to the To Do list.