Lacy birthday cards



We’ve got a couple December birthdays in our family. It’s a challenge to make a birthday card that doesn’t resemble a Christmas card in this season. Here is my effort:

Here’s a detail view:

What I did was pull a public domain lace photo (it was this one) into Photoshop, posterized it to 2 colors, bumped up the contrast, and engraved in white card stock using paper engrave settings found in Beyond the Manual. For the one on the right, in Photoshop I also selected (non-contiguously) the white, expanded selection 1 pixel, then filled with white, to reduce the detail and give me the result I was looking for. The lace cutouts were backed with colored card stock and stamped with a greeting, then ribbon was added.

Cutting Paper Blow away



Holy ______! :star_struck:


It’s crazy just how much like lace that looks. The cards are beautiful. I bet the recipients will love them.


This is really amazing. I love your imagination and implementation.


Did you use a mat? Or was there “paper snow” flying around?


No, this was engraving instead of cutting, so the paper was essentially burned away.


These cards look amazing - great idea to fabricate your own lace. The first picture had me fooled!