Lambeau Field Ornament... Cut in progress. :)

If you are familiar with my stadium models, you might recall a recent posting of a mashup of a Christmas ornament and a miniature of the Arrowhead Stadium model. Well, by request I have done the same thing with the Lambeau Field model. I am cutting it now and will post pics when I get a chance to assemble the model, but for now… the file includes two bonus pieces that can be used as key rings.


Do you have a photo of what this looks like completed? It looks great!

Very nice! I am about to attempt something like this but on a larger scale and it really helps me visualize what I have to do. Thank you.

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Really nice. Should actually be incorporated in a snow globe given the many games played there that I watched on TV where it was absolutely blizzard like condiions.



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Woot! Woot! Can’t wait!! It must be serendipity because we’re watching the Packers run all over the Panthers. Nice touch with the Packer logo!