Lamp shade - first large project


Cat destroyed our old lampshade so I decided to try making a wooden one. Designed on Fusion 360, cut on a Basic Glowforge using 3 full sheets of 1/8" Hard Maple Plywood Proofgrade material. No glue; all 30 parts clip together. It was tough getting everything aligned to clipped together because of the tension in the curved corners. If I had to make it again I would make the horizontal parts that connect to the lamp in the center a little thicker - they are a little flimsy. Would value any feedback or design suggestions.DSC_0047-640x480DSC_0053-640x480DSC_0052-640x480


Beautiful design! :grinning:


Very nice shape and love the use of the living hinge on the corners.


Really increadible design! Amazing use of the living hinge to go around the corners at an angle. I have been working on the idea but you have solved it.beautifly!


Good thing you didn’t make it out of cardboard because then the cat would have a new bed LOL


Actually I did prototype the entire thing out of cardboard first - it is amazing that Amazon keeps delivering prototype material to my doorstep almost every day :wink:


Wow! What a great design, love the light pattern when lit.


Really nice. Keep an eye on that cat.


Lovely! Great design and great work!


This is amazing! Very clever internal supports.


That’s stunning!
You should thank your cat, because you created one beautiful replacement!


The living hinge looks terrific in the corners! Fingers crossed your cat stays away from this one. :slight_smile:


Very cool! Nice work :slight_smile:


Woa - that’s crazy complicate design. Kudos!