Lamp Shade Replacement

This is a project from a while back that I keep forgetting to post.

We have a lamp at work, and one of the plastic lamp shades disintegrated. It was really weird.

I have a Glowforge, so I decided to make a new one!

I took some measurements and went to inkscape with some chipboard for a prototype. I made it in 4 pieces, then glued the sides together. It came out pretty well. I was hoping it was going to be more rounded, but it came out square. This was mostly due to the chipboard being thicker.

For the final part, I decided to go with a light diffusing material I bought from inventables awhile back. (Of course they’re out of stock now)

But hang on one second. I have a blank canvas here. I can’t just have a simple lampshade with no designs on it! After talking with my office mate, we decided on what we wanted.
The light was to bright so it washed out the design, but then I used a dry erase markers to fill in the design, and it came out fantastic!

Thoughts, comments, mockeries? And yes, that’s my super glued finger print on the lampshade.


Dry erase markers to the rescue (and the GF, of course). I think the lampshade is super fun!


An unusual and very cool addition to the lasered lamps on here!


I know, right! I was worried that it wouldn’t work, but I just drew over everything and wiped off the excess. It only stayed in the engraved area. :smiley:

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I was thinking of making one out of wood, but I had this light diffuser material around for so long, I just had to use it.

That is the story of my life when using super glue… still getting some off my fingers today from yesterday.

I like the lamp shade idea and would suggest going way over the top and … nevermind. It looks great, fingerprint and all :slight_smile:


My finger commiserates with yours… those cells grow back… and your DNA can always be found if needed! :crazy_face:


Very cool and satisfying functionality…a worthy project. I think your fingerprint is like a form of humility…like some artists put offbeat and irregular things into an other seemingly perfect piece.


I’d say it was an upgrade for the lamp! Nice job!


I am really new to Glowforge and just as new to laser engraving/cutting… although I am not new to super glueing my finger to things (LOL). I have heard about using dry-erase markers on acrylic to make it permanent. Is this what you are talking about here? I would love to make a lampshade with colors like that for my bathroom. Thanks for any help!!

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