Laptop Wood Cover- Kickstarter

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Very cool. I’m not an Apple guy otherwise I might have had to get one.


I definitely don’t like the logo in the middle. Interesting idea, though, and easily replicable on the GF.

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I don’t either, but, there is a custom logo option. Just something for us to keep in our back pocket.

Sure, sure.

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Beautiful laptop skin! And it’d make me a little less nervous to laser cut (and etch) a skin than the laptop directly. Doesn’t look too hard, either - veneer is easy to buy, though I am not sure what adhesive they’re using. Rubber cement ought to work, though I’m sure they’re doing something better than that…

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They said that it’s removable so I’m not sure cement is what it is…

Well they did say that it’s a 3M tape, and 3M makes some really really thin tapes.
Check out their catalog here:


There ya go!!! Thanks for the link!

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Oooo I like those. Easy enough to replicate ;).

What? Us replicate someones other product? Never… Tehe :wink:

Did I say that? I meant reciprocate, yeah. Financially and stuff. Never would I use my laser cutter to do it myself for free =P

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Of course not. Neveeerrr…

There’s a number of folks doing this - @tony got a similar phone wrap from a different company. Of course, you can do all sorts of neat stuff once you’ve got your glowforge. Have you seen Tony’s laptop wrap? I think it’s in the images on our homepage.

Also, we’ll definitely stock veneer backed with 3M adhesive (the stuff these use) in our materials shop.


You have no idea how excited I am that you’ll be stocking those @dan!!

And yet another project gets added to my ever-growing list of Things to Make With My Glowforge :grinning:

That will be a really nice add-on to the shop. Harder to find than some of the other materials we generally lase.