Large Cantilever Box (for sewing, jewelry, etc)

As promised, I’ve cleaned up the SVGs from my cantilever sewing box I posted last week.


This box has a footprint of 9x11.5" (so you can use an 8.5x11" sheet as a bottom-drawer liner), and takes approximately 8ft² of material, and has been produced as 8 separate SVGs. You’ll also need glue and 28 Chicago screws (“sex screws”) of 6mm length and 5mm rod diameter; I recommend using clamps and some kind of thread locker like Loctite 242.

The SVGs have been optimized for customization, such that pieces that are adjacent when assembled are cut adjacent. Hopefully this makes it very easy to add your design and customize your box!

Video link

(As a side note, I recommend against etching skeletons and snake scales, unless you want spend approximately the length of the Cretaceous period picking away your masking material.)

SVGs: (88.1 KB)
Readme and instructions: Google Docs link
Project homepage (go here for file updates and details):

Though I’ve tested this project, it’s perpetually in “beta”; I am always grateful for feedback on the design and instructions, and will be improving both over time based on your posts. I’m also very happy to see the physical pieces based on this design, so if you build this design, please share your work.



:rofl: Discovered that too, eh? If only they didn’t look so cool. :smile:

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Gorilla tape!!!

And I love this. Trying to decide if I feel like a trip to town to get screws today… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve found that using these plastic razor blades saves a ton of time.


Well thank you very much! Excellent job on the image location planning.


The snake looks phenomenal!

Very kind of you to post an update! Thank you!

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