Large Digital Frame :)

Used a combination of tools for this projects to include the X-carve CNC and a Peopoly Phenom resin printer. Came out nice. I laser cut the plaque after I already took the pictures, so that isnt in here. Used the glowforge to cut out intricate details in the 3d prints and add shading to the CNC parts, although it is difficult to tell. Mounts over a 32 inch TV and runs a 30 minute digital slideshow, as well as a 3 1/2 minute promo video.


Beautiful “mixed media”, I think…

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Very impressive results.

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Very nice. I would love to see the slide show and video.

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Here is the video that runs as an intro to the slides if anybody is interested


Where will this be displayed?

In my office more than likely

Pretty spectacular.

I haven’t done any 3D relief carving on my CNC. This really is spectacular looking. Thanks for the inspiration.

Wow. Just wow!

amazing work! The video is awesome! What do you use to run the slideshow? A raspberry pi?