Large hanging sign for work


sadly, I don’t get the chance to make cool dimensional signs like this very often at all. Most of what I get asked for these days, signage-wise, is plain old cut vinyl decals and printed stickers. The dowel fasteners @gavinlbailey came up with are a great solution to avoiding visible fasteners while still allowing modification. very well done!


This is just an absolutely awesome project and write up.


Never thought to use foam and a hot wire. Love seeing new ways for doing things


You could make scroll saw looking hot wire table and all you would need is the top template.


For “priming” the foam you might also try a can of spray on “plasti-dip” I’ve used this in some other foam projects and after a second coat of that dried you could use normal spray paint on the foam. For the stuff I was using it didn’t dissolve the foam at all but obviously you’ll want to test it on the kind of foam you’re using as I have no idea what that modeling foam is vs the stuff I used which was cut from those foam floor mat tiles.

Awesome, professional and beautiful result! love it!


Came here to say the same thing. Plastidip can even be sprayed on the wood portions and painted on with acrylic paints. I make contact-safe weapons for live action gaming and use plastidip for coating them.


I am glad this was shared in the Owner’s Forum Summary email or else I might not have seen this, and I’m glad I did! Amazing documentation, loved all the options you ran through and your determination. Thank you for sharing, I’m going to bookmark this.


I love reading about your process and outcome! This is really great information and technique!


Excellent post, thanks! from start to finish!!!


Great write-up. Nice execution. Great work.


I love this idea. I love the writeup. I love the end result. Full of love!


Excellent idea, very creative! I personally like the kerfed letters, maybe save that idea for a different project.


White glue or a great flexible option is “Sculpt or Coat”. Great for armor etc. where it needs to flex. Glue can crack. But would be fine for letters.