Large laser tile photos


Spent last night doing the final work on three large (8x8) tiles for gifts for my daughter, my son & his wife, and my granddaughter. They turned out very well, but as usual some of the photos were of better quality than others, so even with my prep work on them, they come out as different quality on the tile. I will glue some black felt onto the bottoms.

This is the one for my son & his wife. They moved into their new (to them) home last July in Delaware. The tiles look much whiter than the photos show.

This is my eldest daughter and her beloved Great Pyr, Polka. This photo was of very poor resolution to begin with and I made a mistake along the bottom…but didn’t want to waste the tile, so just continued.

This one turned out the very best. My granddaughter and her dad (deceased). I did these all at speed 1000, power 100, LPI 270. I did a lot of testing on LPI and this number was the best one.

Lastly, tile unrelated :slightly_smiling_face:…made a quick little desk sign for my son…poorly designed stand in the back, but it works OK.

I am excited about this...Laser Foil on Laser Tile!
My first Laser tile

These are wonderful!


Awesome job on all of them! (And intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.) :wink:


Nice. LOVE the Hawking quote.


Those are fantastic! Really lovely.


Wow! Those tiles really work well. Awesome job! :sunglasses:


I think the tiles all came out great!


Good job on these, I have been working on tiles today too.
Really liking how you cropped the pictures for the tiles, fit them just right.


Thank you. I learned some things on each different one. The one with the house I might have done differently, but I needed to get it finished to send out in the mail. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done, too. These big ones all took about 1 hour to engrave.


Do you use a jig in order to center your images on the tiles?


If you’re meaning to center the tile itself on the bed…I just use my carpenter’s square with one edge up against the side of the bed and the long part running horizontally, and line the bottom of the tile up against the horizontal edge. Centering the image itself is a bit trickier, for sure. I’ve been lucky a few times and not so much other times.


You’re not just proving that you could read it. Are you? :smiling_imp: