Large material feed-through?

So, the latest glowforge commercial that I’m seeing prominently on YouTube seems to be highlighting the feature that got me to buy a pro rather than the basic, passthrough cut alignment.

I haven’t seen any updated support or explanation on how to accomplish these cuts, and I frankly feel like this is a continued misrepresentation of the product capabilities.

What is the roadmap to see these features implemented? And where is a simple straightforward listing and explanation of the features that are in place?

I still can’t count on any level of accuracy in basic visual alignment, and because there is no listing of the real capabilities of the machine/system, I have no way to know whether the features aren’t working yet or if I recieved a defective unit.

I like this for the little hobby tool that it is, but it really is frustrating thinking new customers might get pulled in based off of features that still haven’t been delivered.


That’s usually listed on the acceptance email that gets sent out to purchasers, although I haven’t seen the latest. (It was for all of the pre-orders, so we knew going in what to expect.)

They’re still working on finishing up the Passthrough alignment software, but I’ve been using it for almost a year now…with and without the Snapmarks. So while the ease of use is not there yet, the passthrough is perfectly functional, and gives great results.

There are a couple of tutorials here that can help if you want to get started using it before the software release, and it’s probably concepts that we need to be familiar with anyway.

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Thanks for pointing me to these posts on how to mannage the pass through issues, this looks promising.

But regarding the features list, I suppose I should be more clear. Obviously I accepted the product with it’s capabilities at the time, but a two year old email is no way to grok the features of a product that is very clearly still in active development. Neither are digging through forum notices or email updates.

There is no replacement for a clearly readable grid identifying features, depricated features, and software features still in development. Along with how those features vary across models.

And by explanation, I mean to say, a clearly delivered message from glowforge about what features are activated and detailed explanations about how to use them. I’m fairly well versed with the maker community and what constitutes good customer communication, and what is bad. Leaving the ‘how to use the tool’ message in the hands of the activity of a forum counts as bad. If anyone needs an example of what positive communication, messaging and outreach looks like, check out the Prusa line of products and Josef Prusa’s YouTube presence. Their regular videos and updates allow for the company to make some stumbles while they try to develop new things, without the community feeling forgotten.

All I see from Dan are commercials. I just double checked, and the last direct and useful video that tries to explain anything was that owl switch cover a year ago.

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Yeah, well… they’re busy. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not excusing it, cause I’d like to hear more from them too, but I do understand how overwhelming a startup can be. So a few of us don’t mind helping out with questions and training.

They have to keep selling these things or the company goes under, and I sure as heck don’t want that to happen…I want to keep using it for many many years.

I do understand the frustration though…there are times it can be discouraging.

Anyway, holler if you have any passthrough related questions once you get through those tutorials. It’s not hard and there are folks who can answer questions.

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I don’t think there’s an acceptance email anymore. I didn’t get one.

I don’t think I did either. But I also tend to blast through those agreements and skim emails. A feature list with a red, green, yellow status would be kind of cool. But I am sure they are busy as Jules suggests. Keep the good stuff coming!

Sitting here dead in the water as the GFUI says Centering forever. Got enough cut to ruin a big piece if Walnut and that was it, nothing happened more :frowning_face:

I share your frustrations. And though it may irritate other forum folk, I endorse everyone asking these questions repeatedly, and even venting their spleen occasionally, so that the company knows we’re still paying attention. I too feel like I am lacking Pro features I was promised.

Unfortunately, how the communication is today is probably how it will be forever. This is just how they do things.

We are fortunate to have so many helpful forum users trying to fill the gap. I have no idea how someone would make the most of their Glowforge without this place.

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I have given up :frowning: I unplugged the Glowforge and put in all the Orange bits but cannot move it into the box without help. I suppose I need to get paperwork from Support before shipping in any case.

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