Large Projects

I am wondering if anyone has printed a large project bigger than their standard glowfroge by diving the project up. The project I wish to print maybe equivalent to 4 sheets of proograde wood, so wondering if something like this would be possible to divide up into 4 and piece together later. Any one has done this before or may know how to?

I’ve done several large projects, where I’m gluing up multiple pieces that were cut separately. If you look up my username, you’ll see a few examples.

I’m happy to help you with your project, but without having specifics about what you are trying to do, it’s hard to give advice.

Are you cutting something, and then assembling the cut pieces, or are you engraving something large?

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Thanks for your prompt response I am engraving and cutting something very large

I will be cutting a crest so similar to this

What software are you using?

You are going to have to break up the design into multiple files. I usually use inkscape to do that. But you may be more familiar with other software.

I use Adobe products so i am thinking of doing the break up in illustrator.

@jules ? :wink:

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What kind of file are you working with? Is it a vector graphic file (like an svg) that was created with illustrator? Or is it just an image file (like a jpg or png)?

You rang? :smile:

There are a couple of tutorials on breaking up the file in Illustrator…

edit: but since you are not talking about using the Passthrough here, I’ve deleted the links to keep from confusing folks.

If you have vector file for the image (.svg), then the image you referenced is ideal for multiple sheets. You can easily separate a vector of that crest out into its parts and then cut each part. If the original file is a raster image (like the jpeg from the URL) you have some extra work ahead of you. There are multiple ways to do it depending on how you want the final piece to look.

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Hi - is there a simple way to break up a svg (novice) and it driving me crazy how to break up a file that is too wide for GF

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I have the vector file just not to sure the best procedure to break an svg easily in multiple pieces.

One way is to select what you want (sometimes selecting just what I want in Inkscape is most of the battle) and then copy it and then paste it into a second document. Note that copying the whole file and deleting what you don’t want may be quicker. The biggest drawback to this method is if you want to resize it, or something in it, you have to start all over.

The glowforge requires that your document (art board is the term used on this forum) be no larger than 12x20 inches. Luckily, Inkscape could care less if your file is contained inside the boundaries of your art board. So another method is to color code your single file into what will effectively become multiple files. When you upload this into the GFUI you’ll have to move around the pieces by color, ignoring the other color(s). Note that if an object that will be in one file shares a stroke (line) with an object in another file you’ll need two copies with overlapping strokes of different colors. Using layers will help save your sanity in this scenario.

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