Largest Thin Thing so far

The LONGEST thing I have made was that 45 foot spiral in the display bowl (that the wife hated).

Now I have made my LARGEST combined with my THINNEST in one design.
The Largest to date is this 17x10 tower. I knew 10.625 is the highest I could go, and now I know I can also go at least 17 wide with no issues.
I have also made the Thinnest that can be ‘handled’ with 0.015 segments. You can get it thinner, but will not be able to do more than breath on it.

Needed an off-occasion gift for someone who loves ‘Everything French’.
Not one to judge, I got busy looking for a good Eiffel Tower image.
Oddly, everyone out there took a lot of artistic license with this concept.

Just when I was ready to make a Joan Of Arc or French Flag thing instead, I ran into a reasonable likeness blue print of the structure. Too fuzzy to be of value, but if you give a craftsman a blue print, you just did 80% of the work.

Finished design was going onto the ‘Black On Bronze’ acrylic I had laying about, but I needed to get it right the first time, because that stuff was scary expensive. Glad I did, because the first two trials on thin ply proved that the structure needed to be fattened up or you could not handle it. Even when fatter, I finally decided to make it proportionately as long and wide as I could, so it could be handled a little before being mounted.
Now I know why so many took an Artistic License with this thing.

Sadly, the picture does not do justice. When it is hanging it seems overall black, but as you move around and it catches the light it gives off a (bronze) metallic sheen. Apparently, I cannot replicate this appearance in a picture, sorry.

If you got a 17 x 10.625 thang, you are good to go.
If you make a design with a segment thinner than 0.015, you will have trouble handling it.
Just Believe, that the BlackOnBronze acrylic is worth the price if you want something that just looks awesome.

edit: fixed these additional plywood trial pics…



Very sharp! :grinning:

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Oooooooh, wow. I would be so tempted to touch it. Very nice job!

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Excellent work!


What a neat gift! Longest, largest, thinnest - can’t wait to see what’s next.