Las Vegas Service

Hello I live in Las Vegas and could someone recommend a place or person to come out and clean and service my GF

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Iā€™m not aware of any such service, and I personally would be leary of letting someone not familiar with the machine do anything to it.
Lasers are dirty by nature, and the only service needed is to keep the optics and camera clean. Occasionally the exhaust fan grill in back may need cleaning. pulling off the vent hose and looking at the grill will tell you if it is needed. just poke at the debris and suck it out with a vacuum.

Never spray any cleaner on the inside, I spray a rag and wipe the inside lid, the tube and the rails periodically, and vacuum under the crumb tray.
Clean optics (the 2 windows, the head mirror, focus lens, and camera) are paramount. Keep those clean.


Thank You very much!

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