Laser all the Food?


That’s why it will be the first thing done on it…Laser all the food first, then never again


that’s amazing


So I have now engraved food.

My younger daughter drew the smiley face and we scanned it. As you can tell, it had a great contrast using 1/335/225.

Did I eat it? Yes. Yes I did.
Was it delicious? No. No it wasn’t.

The engraved parts did not taste like toasted bread. They tasted like ash. (Yes, I said “ash.”)


hahahahahah yessssssss i told you all :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i’m thinking food lasering is an absolute nonstarter until low power settings are unveiled

(cute smiley btw)


My guacamole begs to differ…


fair enough; you might enjoy burnt guac, but i do not :slight_smile:

it’s cool, but man that black is scary lookin’ on dip

tbh i’m pretty interested in doing designs on tortillas once low settings are rolled out. i think those would be a blast at parties.


Well, that was less awesome. I tried taco shells and it smelled like burnt rancid corn… Not at all appetizing to even be around (did not try to eat it).

That “black layer” was so, so thin (maybe 1/2mm) that it was just a hint of flavor per my nephew who ate that part. It more like having guac and a hint of charcoal (like in the fajita I had last night at dinner)


I’m wondering about flour tortillas. Hint of charcoal sounds like every grilled item ever.

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haha, yeah, not too surprised. but that should eventually be surmountable.

I actually want to cut flour tortillas, as during our halloween party we currently make our own chips which are bat shaped, etc and this would be way better than cookie cutters…

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It’s laser. Of course it is better than cookie cutters. I was also thinking founders ruler, and possibly plaque, on a flour tortilla.

Laser would open a lot of themed shapes apart from just bat, too.

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In the UK we have been advised not to eat browned toast or potatoes due to cancer risk.

So we definitely need the GF low power settings now for our health :smiley:


They need to give up. Everything will give you cancer, if overdone. Pure water will do it under the right circumstances.

No, this is not to discourage you from your laser toast, which might be the best regular use for a laser, ever.


well that’s a bit silly, good quality water in no way gives you cancer.

the real issue with cancer is that as time approaches infinity, everyone gets it at some point, it seems. some things just change those risk factors (usually almost impossibly slightly).

i mean, my understanding of the risk levels involved is enough to keep me from every starting to smoke tobacco, but not enough to ever stop eating the slightly burned / brown potatoes or the marks on grilled meat, etc.


Headlines: Gives cancer.
Article: isn’t proven.

However, Cancer Research UK said the link was not proven in humans.
The FSA also says potatoes and parsnips should not be kept in the fridge.
This is because sugar levels rise in the vegetables at low temperatures, potentially increasing the amount of acrylamide produced during cooking.


I like my potatoes extra crispy, and if that ends up killing me…well, I enjoyed the potatoes.


Oh, and since you are an Englishman, since you like toast done only on one side, you only have 1/2 the risk. Is that correct?


okay you low powered lasernauts let’s see some food already


We just need to stop eating and drinking anything…then we can’t get cancer from food or drink…

Oh and stop breathing all the polluted air

Hmm, wait a sec… :wink:

I love some good pizza that is nicely crisped… :smile: :pizza: :hamburger: :oden: (not sure what that last one is, but looks yummy)